1. Wish

Thompson acoustic guitar and vocals: Virgil Brown


Copyright 2020 Virgil Brown

There was a horse a long time ago
She used to take me walking
Down the old country road
And up through the hills
That led to the mountain
Through the Spruce and the Fir
And the spring like a fountain

But getting back to the horse her name was Wish
From my father to me she was a gift
She was my big old gal she was my only pal
The old cowboy told is that her name
It used to be Stardust

There was a dog, her name was Sox
She used to come along
When we went on our walks
Shiny black coat
Her feet were dirty white
Sometimes I still see her
Walking to me in the night

But getting back to the horse....

The day we left the farm
We had to say goodbye
I kissed her velvet nose
And looked her in the eye
The geese followed grandma
Right up to the gate
You should have heard them cryin’
I guess it was fate

But getting back to the horse…