From the recording The Lost Paris Tapes

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Fender Stratocaster,
Vocals: Virgil Brown
Drums: Marty Vickers
Bass: Dean Cheronis
Hammond B-3: Slim Bateaux


Big sedan
Copyright 1997 Virgil Brown

I’ve got my pedal to the metal
It sure feels good to be gone
I’m cutting holes in the night
With my chrome headlights till dawn
Haunted but undaunted
By the things I thought I wanted
All I want now is the road I’m rollin’ on

My back up plan is a big sedan with a radio
A radio tuned to midnight Memphis
The sweet sound of soul
The sound of soul on a lonesome road
The glow from the dashboard to lighten my load
Salvation has four wheels
to deliver me

I slept so hard in a lost junkyard
Just this side of blue
The twisted wreckage testified
Against a love untrue
I awoke with a smoke as I hit the road
In a hubcap I could see
The reflection of someone
I used to be