From the recording Smoke Rings

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Gretsch Black Falcon,
Wes Montgomery-style riffs,
programming, vocals:
Virgil Brown

Jazz rhythm guitar: Harry Ansker (of Paris France)
Rhythm track: Liquid Grooves
Opening sample: Distorted Reality
Bass: John Silverman
Hammond B-3: Slim Bateaux


Take Care of the Day
Copyright 1997 Virgil Brown

I am looking at the cobblestone under my feet
Feeling empty as a paper cup blowing down the street
I’m looking at a new day
I’m looking for a new way of living
I’ve wasted so much time already I can’t believe
The ability of a calendar to deceive
And clocks are just cheaters with quick hands like Las Vegas dealers

Look at that baby someday a man
He already seems to understand


Take care of the day, make sure it’s not wasted
Or given away, to things already tasted
Take care of the day, what I’m trying to say
Tomorrow is scheduled to appear
Whether or not you are here
Tomorrow is scheduled to be here
Whether or not you appear

I’ve been looking out the window at the greeting card scenes
Changing faster than the covers of the magazines
Where tomorrow’s girl is headed for yesterday’s celebrity faces
I guess yesterday’s brilliance is tomorrow’s cliché before it all passes away



Look at the headlines look at the bylines
They said that Jesus is online
Do you think that’s what he had in mind?
I guess yesterday’s brilliance is tomorrow’s cliché
Before it all passes away