1. The Bridge

From the recording Smoke Rings

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1938 Rickenbacher Electro,
Gretsch Black Falcon,
Lead vocal: Virgil Brown
Drums: Marty Vickers
Face: Dean Cheronis
Hammond B-3: Slim Bateaux


The Bridge
Copyright 1997 Virgil Brown

My mind goes down to the river
Where the leaves float on the water
And the barren trees reach out to me
As I stand upon the bridge

There’s a coldness in the air
And it grabs me by the hair
The rusty steel railing is no comfort to me
As I stand upon the bridge

I’m standing on the bridge between where I was
And where I’m going to be
If I could just cross over I’d be on my way
I could walk right out of this dream
But until then I’m just standing on the bridge

Staring down in the water
I get lost in the deep dark green
On my reflection, the raindrops fall
As I stand up on the bridge

Blowing leaves around me
A dusty pickup truck rolls by
The old man in the back is waving to me
As I stand up on the bridge


My dog lies dreaming at my feet
His noble heart is pounding
A muffled cry escapes his lips
As he stands up on the bridge