From the recording Smoke Rings

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Fender Stratocaster,
Gretsch Black Falcon,
1992 Thompson TM-1 Acoustic Guitar
Vocals: Virgil Brown
Drums: Marty Vickers
Base: Dean Cheronis
Hammond B-3: Slim Bateaux


Midlife Chrysler
Copyright 1997 Virgil Brown & John Weiss

Honey I’m a can-do man
Unafraid to tip my hat or show my hand
Shootin’ straight from the hip
With the straight bill of goods and that’s no lip
What you see is all you get
With a guarantee I’m bound to get upset

I’ve got a Midlife Chrysler rollin’ under me
I smoke too many cigarettes and I drink too much coffee
Midlife Chrysler no longer fueled by rage
Invisible to women half my age
In the desert between idiot and sage
In a Midlife Chrysler

I used to be a highway man
It was my way or the highway, understand?
Until I met you
The things I did I thought I was supposed to do
Just when you think I’ve seen the light
I get big ideas late at night